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A couple of months ago I opened an Hinkley Springs account for water delivery service.Before completely opening the account I asked all the necessary questions such as; what if I want to or need to terminate my water delivery service, are there any fee's?

I was told by more than one customer service rep that if I want to terminate then I would just call them to cancel with no obligation or fee's. All I can say is they are liars, I paid my last bill today & talked to a representative to terminated because of some financial problems, and she said "I can give this information to my manager and see if we can give you a better cheaper price that can be of some help" So I said "no thank you I just want to cancel" and she said "may I asked why" and I said "due to financial reasons". She then said "I'll take care of this for you" and then I was put on hold, she then came back on the phone and said that she has taken care of that for me, and I asked her "is what I paid today the only last payment that's due" and she said " there is a $35.00 termination fee" I couldn't believe it because that was never ever told to me even with me asking about it at the beginning of service.

So I asked can I talk to your manager and she said "not directly, but I'll give this information to my manager and he'll contact you within 24 to 72 hours".That's BULL!!

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I have had this service for 4 years and decided to cancel after I received awful service from the new delivery man.I was told there would be a charge of $35 for cooler refurbishment.

Are you kidding me?! After four years, I have spent hundreds renting the &*#% cooler and now you want me to pay you for taking it back?! I spent over $1200 per year for WATER!!!

Shame on me.Not to worry though, I will advise everyone and anyone, get a PUR or BRITA filter system instead!

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